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About Pace Cleaning

We seek and destroy germs for a very good reason. The definition of a germaphobe is a person who fears germs and is obsessed with cleanliness. We admit that’s us! Recent events and the fact that we can’t stand germs ourselves are the inspiration behind PACE Cleaning Company. We decided that we would take cleaning a step further in our own homes. Now we want to bring that next level of clean to your residential or commercial space.

Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting…. What’s the difference? Cleaning removes dirt and impurities from surfaces. Sanitizing kills or removes germs from surfaces, bringing it to level that is recommended by public health standards. Disinfecting completely kills germs on any surface or object. We incorporate all 3, including disinfecting high traffic areas of your choice with UVC light technology. We are constantly upgrading our technology and equipment and can handle anything from bacteria readings to electrostatic spray disinfection.

We created PACE Cleaning with a vision of a company that provides an extraordinary level of clean at an exceptional price. Check out our cleaning blueprint under SERVICES and see why bacteria and germs may survive a regular clean, but has no chance against a PACE clean.

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